Plastic dustbin Mould maker of china Taizhou

China dustbin mould supplier and manufacturer, we make big and small ashbin trash can mould, multi color dustbin mould, Seaco Mould has made 100 dustbin mould,and is cihna professional plastic manufacturer....

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Plastic dustbin MouldPlastic dustbin Mould
Plastic dustbin Mould

Plastic dustbin Mould maker of china

Taizhou Huangyan Seaco Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of trashcan mould. Our services include design, mold manufacturing, product injection molding processing, assembly and other subsequent processes.
Core and cavity material selection: (according to customer needs), our professional advice: pre-hardened steel: P20 (1.2311), P20 + Ni… etc; hard steel: H13 (1.2344) / NAK80… etc. Stainless steel: ASSAB Stavax …Wait
Mold base selection: (according to customer's needs), we recommend customers use Longji standard mold base, the material is S50C or P20
Core cavity hardness requirements: pre-hardened steel: HRC 30 ~ 32 + -1 * heat-treated steel: HRC 50 ~ 52 + -1 *
Core demoulding: (according to product demand). Common methods: motor, cylinder, demoulding plate, thimble ... etc.
Mould accessories: DME / HASCO standard parts.
Surface treatment: According to product requirements, conventionally include skin texture and polishing;
Mold life: (depending on material grade), ideally, 1. pre-hardened steel, minimum. 20 ~ 300,000 molds; 2. hard / heat-treated steel: 60 ~ 800,000 molds. 3. stainless steel: 1000000 molds.
Runner: 1. Cold runner 2. Hot runner 3. Cold runner + hot runner
Delivery time: 80 ~ 90 days
Packaging: standard wooden box packaging
Production: Injection production, follow-up process.

Matters needing attention in plastic trash can mold design

1. The material is usually PP, the appearance is smooth polished 1500 #, and the appearance is printed by roller.
2. Because the plastic trash can is relatively deep, the product must be ejected normally during mold opening, and there must be no ejection mechanism.
3. Can adopt the style of gas cap, or the style of push plate, demoulding by the pull rod.
4. Back mold inserts usually use inserts.
5. The insert of the front mold is usually also used to facilitate polishing and processing.

The production requirements of plastic trash can mold.

Generally, the environmental PP material is mostly used. It can make a bright surface and then do film printing and other processing. It becomes a high-grade trash can. But it is not easy to make a good trash can. First, the quality of the mold should be controlled, including mold design, mold assembly, selection of hot runner and cold runner, etc In other words, if we want to become a professional expert, we need to know how to better control the problems of the garbage can mold. The main points are as follows:

1. Mold assembly

Mold assembly is like assembly machine. Every part and screw should not make mistakes, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious, which will lead to product defects, affect production, and completely damage the mold, resulting in scrap. So the assembly work must be very meticulous. In the assembly process, especially the cleaning work of the mould, especially the waterways and screw holes, the iron chips inside must be blown clean, otherwise the customer will be very angry.

2. Hot runner or cold runner

In fact, this has the least impact on the quality of the mold, because the hot runner is generally designated brand, especially for some major customers. Because the quality and after-sales service of foreign well-known brands are in place, there is generally no major problem in quality. But the quality of some domestic hot runner brands is very different. In order to save costs and strive for price advantages, some small enterprises are prone to problems by using unreliable heating and conduction accessories. The main problem of cold runner is how to ensure injection balance, gate size, injection pressure and so on.

3. Cooling water circuit

Those who have die experience know how important cooling is to a die. Due to the increase of special price and labor wage, it is unimaginable that the profit brought by not reducing the attention cycle of one second in the production of products. But at the same time of speeding up the production cycle, the temperature of the die will rise. If it can not be effectively controlled, the die will be too hot to form, and even lead to die deformation failure and scrap. Therefore, good waterway design is particularly important, including waterway layout density, diameter, link before thinking and so on.

4. Mold maintenance

Mold maintenance is mainly in the production process of maintenance and maintenance. The mold is like a car, if it is not used for a long time without maintenance, it may lead to die scrapping. Therefore, every time the mold is used, comprehensive maintenance should be carried out, especially the rust prevention of the forming part and the main action parts. Because the mold needs to be connected with water in the production process, it may get on the mold during the installation or white disassembly process, so it is necessary to ensure the mold is dry, and then brush a layer of oil for protection.

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