How long does it take for Plastic Mold Factory to make plastic molds?

In the early days of plastic mold development, product developers also cared most about our customers. How long does it take for mold production? In the market, whether it is electronic products, medical products or environmental protection equipment, there will be a new generation every day. It is not enough to say that time is more important than the life of the company. I think this is what most companies agree.

How long does it take to process plastic molds? This problem cannot be generalized. From the ease of processing of the product structure, customer requirements for the product, the characteristics of the product materials, the number of mold products and other factors to analyze, that is, the number of mold openings.
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The processing cycle of plastic molds needs to undergo rigorous scientific calculations. It's impossible to report the numbers to customers just by slapping their heads. This mainly depends on the complexity, size, accuracy, quantity requirements, product performance, etc. of the product design.

1. Product structure: Refers to the structural difficulty of the plastic parts samples provided by the customer. It is generally understood that the more complex the shape of the plastic part, the more difficult it is to make a mold. Technically speaking, the more the parting surface, the assembly position, the fastener position, and the hole position of the plastic part, the more the reinforcement position, the more difficult the processing, and the longer the mold making time. In general, the more complicated the mold structure, the lower its quality, the more difficult it is to process, the more problems it has, and the slower the final product speed.

2. Product size: Yes, the larger the size, the longer the processing cycle of the plastic mold. The corresponding parts will take longer to process.

3. Product requirements: Different customers have different requirements for products. The designed surface is sub-surface or smooth or mirror surface, which affects the production cycle of plastic molds.

4. Product material performance: Our products often have special requirements, and the mold requirements and processing requirements for steel are also different.

5: The number of cavities of the mold: that is, a set of molds has multiple cavities, and a set of molds produces multiple products. Depending on the customer's product market is small, making two products and one product is definitely different. It will be different. Under normal circumstances, since the new product has not been fully opened, the demand for the product is not great. At this time, the number of injection molds is not large, the market supply is guaranteed, and the cost performance is high. Of course, after the product market has matured, the number of mold cavities must increase. It depends on the market demand to decide whether to change the number of cavities to feedback the market demand.

The above are the main factors that determine the production time of plastic molds. The mold manufacturing cycle is generally about 20-25 days. It is recommended that product developers have a conservative time at each step of the new product development process. Even if there is a problem in any part, there is still room for manoeuvre. After the plastic mold is completed, the injection molding process of the plastic material is relatively incomplete, and the molding cycle of plastic parts is basically easy to measure.

The above is how long it takes Chinese Plastic Mold Factory to process plastic molds.

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