How to make the injection plastic mould gate design

The design of the mould gate is related to the size of the plastic part, the shape of the mold, the injection process conditions and the performance of the plastic mould part. However, in terms of basic functions, the gate section is small and the length is short, because only in this way can the requirements of increasing the flow rate, rapid cooling and closing, and the separation of the plastic parts and the minimum gate residue are satisfied.

Chinese plastic mold manufacturers summarized the gate design points as follows:

  • 1) The choice of gate location should minimize the plastic filling process to reduce pressure loss;
  • 2) The choice of gate location should be beneficial to eliminate air in the cavity;
  • 3) The gate should be opened as far as possible without affecting the appearance of the plastic part, such as the bottom of the edge;
  • 4) The size of the gate depends on the size, shape and plastic properties of the plastic part;
  • 5) The gate is opened in a thick section of the plastic part, so that the molten material flows from the thick material section into the thin section to ensure complete filling;
  • 6) When forming large or flat plastic parts, a double gate can be used to prevent warpage, deformation and lack of material;
  • 7) When designing multiple cavity injection molds, consider the balance of the flow channels to consider the balance of the gates, and try to make the molten materials uniformly charge at the same time.
  • 8) The gate should not be allowed to flush the melt straight into the cavity, otherwise it will produce a swirling flow, leaving traces of the rotation on the plastic part, especially the narrow gate is more prone to such defects;
  • 9) The choice of gate location should prevent the formation of seam lines on the plastic surface, especially in circular or cylindrical plastic parts. The cold well should be added at the melt casting of the surface of the gate. ;
  • 10) The gate position of the injection mold with the elongated core should be far from the forming core, so that the forming core is not deformed by the flow;
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Induction of injection mold gate design

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