China automotive mold manufacturing is facing the development trend of 2025


What is the main problem of china auto mould industry nowadays and how to solve

In recent years, domestic molds have made great breakthroughs in both quality and quantity. The data shows that the current production scale of automotive interior parts mold manufacturing has occupied nearly 10% of the world total, ranking second in the world after Japan and the United States. China's mold exporters are expected to grow further as China's mold makers increase investment in production technology to produce more sophisticated products to meet the growing demands of the international market. Experts in the industry believe that China's molds have broad prospects, but China's mold technology still has a certain gap compared with the current international level. Some high-tech molds still rely on imports, and foreign advanced enterprises have paid more attention to technology protection in recent years. This has caused certain difficulties for the introduction of technology by China's mold enterprises. How to improve the speed of mold development without increasing product costs has become the first problem that mold companies must solve.

At present, automotive interior parts molds mainly have the following characteristics.

  1. First, order-type production: automotive interior parts molds belong to special process equipment, each set of molds are designed and produced according to the OEM's order requirements for a specific part, the product differentiation characteristics are obvious, so this is a typical non-standard product design With manufacturing, it has determined that companies in the industry need continuous technological innovation and adopt a business model of “selling production by sales and ordering by production”.
  2. Second, the technical requirements are high: With the continuous improvement of the technical level, we have only been able to manufacture truck molds, car inner panel molds, and to manufacture complex outer panel molds such as integral side panels and fenders. In recent years, many joint-venture brands of cars and self-branded cars have been designed and manufactured by ourselves. However, from the appearance of the final car and the feedback from the consumers, we have a big gap with the foreign countries in terms of details such as face differences, gaps and lap joints. This is why many people are unwilling to accept and purchase their own brand cars. One. At present, the proportion of large-scale, precision, complex and long-life molds in domestic casting molds is only about 30%, and foreign countries are more than 50%. And the production of molds is still mainly manual, and the quality is unstable, the cycle is long, and the production environment is poor, which restricts the higher level development of China's molds. The traditional manual grinding and other mold production methods make the domestic mold production at a lower level. There is no ability to undertake large orders for large, sophisticated, complex and long-life high-end molds.
  3. Third, strategic alliances are gradually formed, cooperation and competition coexist: from the development of domestic molds, mold products are suitable for specialization and group development. It is an inevitable development trend for mold companies to take the joint road when conditions are ripe. Mold companies should complete the in-depth development of the mold manufacturing industry through cooperation and integration. In short, the overall level of China's mold manufacturing is still far behind the world's advanced countries, but China has skilled CNC machine operators, assembly fitters and mold commissioners, labor wages are lower than other countries, in these resources It still has a certain degree of competitiveness. At the same time, the establishment of strategic alliances will help to create a benign competition mechanism. Under this mechanism, enterprises will be able to continuously improve themselves and enhance their competitiveness and accelerate the development of enterprises.
  4. Fourth, long delivery time: The development and manufacture of automotive interior parts molds mainly include: the signing process of the mold development project, the mold technology development process, the mold manufacturing development process, and the delivery process of the mold development project. Among them, the first three processes are the main factors affecting the mold delivery cycle. The entire cycle can be as long as 6-24 months, showing that the delivery cycle is very long.

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