Taizhou automobile mold manufacturing company


Taizhou automobile mold processing and manufacturing plant

In order to resolve this contradiction, the workpiece is turned over again and tightened: this time, the workpiece is put in place. At present, many foreign investors have higher requirements for manufacturing molds. It is required that the parting surface of the mold provided by the mold manufacturing factory shall not have traces of manual grinding, and many domestic factories cannot meet this requirement. In fact, general mid-range molds (small and medium-sized) should meet this requirement. This requirement is to examine the comprehensive indicators of the design level, equipment level, process level, management level, quality assurance system and staff quality of mold manufacturers.
If it is not available, you can attach it and cut it off when finishing.
The so-called inspection of the design level of precision molds refers to whether the design is rational and complicated to be optimized simply. This point is still very different among Chinese mold makers.
Taizhou automobile mold manufacturing company

Taizhou Automobile Mold Processing and Manufacturing Plant is different from the following procedures.

During mechanical processing, especially during roughing, the force of the fastening tool must be uniform. Generally, multiple times, diagonal tightening, and tight-loose-tight methods are used.
The so-called inspection of equipment level is to see if you have formal CNC equipment and use the correct process for processing. At present, the world's advanced mold manufacturing equipment can be seen in China. The average Chinese mold maker is basically OK in equipment.
The principle is: big can be big, easy to remove.
For management level and quality assurance system. It can only be said that more and more companies recognize its importance.

Taizhou automobile mold processing and manufacturing factory inspected without problems, and transferred to the next process.

This process typically takes 24-48 hours. Then, a small amount of cutting is performed on each observation surface so that it can correctly play the true and correct role of the second reference (commonly known as the transition reference).
Here focus on talking about some experience in processing technology to achieve this requirement.
The additional observation surface cannot be too small, and it is too small to be accurate.
First of all, it is necessary to finish the mold parts after working in the machining center for 3-4 hours. The effect will be. Secondly, it is necessary to solve the problem that the mold parts are deformed due to internal stress during all processing, so that the deformation during the processing is small.
Our general customary processing method is to identify a reference surface, which is unchanged from beginning to end during processing, and use it as a reference to process other parts.
With the accumulation of experience, this error will become smaller and smaller. Through trimming during assembly, there are many changes, which, when accumulated, affect the quality and life of the mold.

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