What principles should be followed in the design and development of bumpers mould

(1) Active safety-on the basis of satisfying the use function, the design of the bumper should comply with regulations such as external protrusions of automobiles, and the design must implement the concepts of safety, reliability and reasonable design.
(2) Passive safety-When a car collides with the outside world, the bumper, as a safety device, must protect the front and rear car bodies and must have excellent energy absorption characteristics.
(3) Harmony and consistency-no matter in external appearance, color, or quality perception, we must not only pursue the characteristics of the individual bumper, but also maintain harmony and consistency with the vehicle shape and integrate with the vehicle.
(4) Easy to install and maintain-there must be no interference between the bumper and its adjacent parts, the clearance should be reasonable, and the installation points should be in accordance with ergonomics.

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