Leak-proof design of bottle cap mould


Leak-proof design of bottle cap mould

Beverage bottle cap mold is made of PE (polyethylene) and weighs 2.9g. The outer side of the bottle cap body is evenly distributed with 120 anti-skid ribs to increase friction, and the top of the bottle cap has the brand name ZSM. An anti-counterfeit ring on the bottom of the bottle cap is connected to the main body of the bottle cap through eight small cylinders with a diameter of φ1mm and a height of 1mm. Inside the security ring, there are eight semicircular bosses with a uniform length of 3mm and a diameter of φ1.5mm. The inside of the bottle cap has a semi-circular thread and a security ring with a height of 4mm and a cross section diameter of φ1mm that closely matches the inner diameter of the bottle, while a security ring with a height of 1mm and a cross section diameter of φ1mm closely cooperates with the outer diameter of the bottle to prevent leakage. 
    As plastic bottle caps have the characteristics of strong plasticity, low density, high specific strength, bonding, high chemical stability, and various appearances, they are loved by more and more manufacturers and people. The demand for plastic bottle cap moldings is increasing, and the quality requirements are becoming higher and higher. This requires the development of molds for molding plastic parts, and the level of design and manufacturing must also be higher and higher.

Design of Jinkun bottle cap mould

Seaco bottle cap mold adopts three ejection forced demoulding technology, balanced hot runner system, and universal mold base for bottle cap mold with strong innovation. The performance and quality of the mold reach the domestic leading level and can be produced in batches.
    Generally, the bottle caps of mineral water, cola and other beverage bottles or edible oils and other domestic liquids are bottle-threaded, and most of them are special threads. Its particularity is expressed in the aspects of closing, closing, segmenting, closing, closing, etc., and sometimes even several characteristics are combined together. Close end is a professional common name, also known as thread helix close end or mouse tail, which means a section of thread, with the same pitch, the beginning part gradually changes from shallow to deep, and gradually becomes "thick", and the end part from deep It is shallow and gradually becomes "thin". Common close-outs are usually completed within 1/3 to 1 week. Closing closes that are completed "quickly" within 1/3 or even 1/10 of a week are referred to as closing short and closing short. The common thread has only the middle part of the thread because of the infeed slot and the undercut slot. This kind of plastic bottle with special thread is particularly large. One of the technical difficulties of this mold processing is the processing of special threads. Many manufacturers have tried manual, electrical machining, milling (including CNC milling), casting and other processing methods, and the results are not satisfactory.

bottle cap mold

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