The major development trend of automotive mould technology

Mold is the basic process equipment of the automotive industry. More than 90% of the parts in the automobile production need to be shaped by the mold. Luo Baihui, a mold expert, said that about 1,500 sets of molds are needed to make a regular car, of which about 1,000 sets are used for pressing molds. In the development of new models, 90% of the workload is carried out around the changes in the body profile. About 60% of the development cost of new models is used for the development of body and stamping processes and equipment. About 40% of the total manufacturing cost of the vehicle is the cost of the body stamping and its assembly.
In the development of the automotive mold industry at home and abroad.

The mold technology presents the following development trends.

  • First, the three-dimensional design status of the mold has been consolidated
  • Second, the simulation of the stamping process (CAE) is more prominent
  • Third, digital mold technology has become the mainstream
  • Fourth, the rapid development of mold processing automation
  • Five,High-strength steel plate stamping technology is the future development direction
  • Sixth, new mold products launched in due course
  • Seven, mold materials and surface treatment technology will be reused
  • Eight, scientific management and informationization is the development direction of mold enterprises
  • Nine, the refined manufacturing of the mold is an inevitable trend
The major development trend of automotive mould technology

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