how to improve auto interior mould life


Interior mould repair values

According to incomplete statistics, the annual consumption value of automotive interior mold repair in the machining industry is five times the total value of various machine tools. It is conceivable that the automotive interior mold market in the industries of machinery, metallurgy, light industry and electronics It is so huge. Another example: in the metallurgical industry, the annual consumption of hot-rolled rolls is more than 300,000 tons per year, and the value of hot-rolled rolls accounts for more than 5% of steel production costs. The large consumption of molds not only directly increases the production cost, but also causes a large economic loss due to the frequent shutdown of a large number of production lines due to frequent replacement of automotive interior molds.

Interior mould  scrapped reason

The damage of the automotive interior molds is actually scrapped due to the wear of the surface materials, etc., and the processing cycle of the mold is very long and the processing cost is extremely high (especially the manufacturing cost of sophisticated molds or large molds is as high as several hundred thousand yuan or even million dollar). Therefore, it is undoubtedly an economically significant method to carry out surface strengthening on a specific part of the mold that is actually subjected to wear and to greatly extend and improve the service life of the tool.

How to protect the interior mould be damaged

In addition, most molds are only scrapped due to the thin surface of the material being worn out. Therefore, the automotive mold design only needs to repair the surface of the mold and the key parts of the key metal parts, and the surface of the mold is really repaired during the repair process. The actual wear-resistant surface is coated with a layer of high-hardness and high-wear-resistant metal, which can “turn waste into treasure”, which not only repairs the mold, but also greatly improves the service life of the repaired mold. Huge (for example, repairing a large shaft of a power plant motor including various preparation times, it also takes only a few days to use a micro-beam cold welder, but it can create millions of dollars in economic benefits).
Automotive interior mould repair,how to improve mould life

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