Which is good of Huangyan Automobile Mould Factory


Huangyan Auto Mould is the main automotive mold supply base in China.

Huangyan Automobile Mould Factory is mainly concentrated in Xicheng and Beicheng Industrial Zones as well as Xinqian Mould Intelligent Town. Huangyan has a relatively complete mold-related industrial supporting system. Huangyan Auto Mould relies on a good processing system and supporting industries to provide many domestic and foreign auto manufacturers. High quality plastic car moulds.
FAW car, Great Wall Motor, Zotye, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Changan, SAIC, GM, Wuling, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and so on, a series of car manufacturers choose Huangyan as their automotive mold partner, fully show the Huangyan mold Quality and service are deeply recognized.

Therefore, the reputation of Huangyan Auto Mould is also the largest in the country.

Seaco Mould is rooted in Huangyan, serving the overall vision of the country, constantly accumulating the trust of customers, and making every car mold into a business idea of fine molds. Praise.
We sincerely welcome customers who have a need for Huangyan Auto Mould to come and visit us!

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