How does the injection mold solve the scorch problem with exhaust

The gas in the cavity of the plastic mold and the gas generated during the plastic injection molding process will seriously affect the performance, appearance and service life of the mold product. The exhaust and bleed air system must be installed to ensure the pressure balance inside and outside the cavity to ensure the plastic products. Smooth production.
The gas that appears in the plastic filling process of the injection mold is generally removed by installing an exhaust system (mainly using a venting groove method); when demolding, some large-sized modules must be equipped with an bleed air system to smoothly release the mold. If a gas-permeable die steel is used, the porous metal can be installed at a suitable position on the wall of the cavity, so that the gas can be directly penetrated from the metal body without special exhaust and bleed air system, so that the plastic mold is also good. Exhaust and suction function.
In order to meet the needs of the plastic mold industry, a gas permeable steel suitable for meeting the gas penetration performance requirements in an industrial application of an injection mold or a blister mold is prepared, and the prepared porous permeable material is processed into a certain shape and size to satisfy the mold. Cavity exhaust and inhalation requirements.
The use of breathable mold steel in the plastic mold industry can effectively solve the problems in the plastic mold industry, improve the production efficiency and market competitiveness of the product, and has a good industrial application prospect.

The main performances are as follows:

  • 1) reduce the injection pressure, reduce the molding and holding time;
  • 2) improve the tightness of the mold parting surface, improve the matching performance of the ejector and the insert, without using the parting surface or other exhaust system to avoid The generation of waste edges;
  • 3) can solve and alleviate the difficult forming problems due to gate offset, uneven wall thickness, and thin wall products.
How does the injection mold solve the scorch problem? Exhaust exhaust!

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