Why does the injection mold appear white? Injection mold problem of ejection white

When it comes to the ejection of injection molding, I believe many friends have encountered it. The so-called ejection white is the ejection white not ejected after the machine is opened. The main manifestation of the ejection whiteness of plastic parts is that the surface of the plastic parts has relatively obvious whitening phenomenon, that is, frost-like fine cracks appear. So why is the injection mold molding white? What should I do if the injection mold appears white?
Injection mould ejection problem
the reason:
1. The product is too full. Reduce the pressure and time appropriately.
2. The mold polishing is not in place. Strengthen the polishing.
3. Extended cooling.
4. The demolding speed and pressure are reduced.
1. The ejection should be in the place with high demolding resistance, that is, the place where the core edge has high friction, and other places with high friction resistance.
2. Adopt two-level demolding mechanism to disperse the demolding force.
3. The methods that can be adopted in the process often reduce the production efficiency, which should be mainly solved from the mold side. Of course, if the batch is not large, the mold temperature can be reduced; the cooling time can be extended.
      The above briefly summarizes the reasons and solutions for the appearance of the ejection of the injection mold. In fact, it is not surprising that the surface of the plastic product is whitish, and that the color difference is not surprising. We just talked about the whiteness, but the darkening is more common. For example, there are dark bones or boss columns on the back, and the surface will be dark, and there will be dark when there is a thickness difference. If you look closely at the surface of the product, the plastic product can be said to be like a map, and the color difference is obvious everywhere. The material, mold structure and parameter settings will affect the local brightness of the product surface, which must be specifically solved in practice.

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