Guangzhou Mould Factory Explanation of Mould Processing

 Mold processing refers to the processing of forming and blank making things. In addition, it includes shear dies and die cutting dies. Under ordinary circumstances, the mold has two parts, an upper mold and a lower mold. The steel plate is placed between the upper and lower molds, and the forming of the data is completed under the effect of the press. When the press is opened, the workpiece determined by the shape of the mold or the response waste is removed. Workpieces as small as electronic adapters and as large as automobile instrument panels can be formed with molds. Progressive mold refers to a set of molds that can actively move the processing workpiece from one station to another station and obtain the molded parts at the final station. Mold processing pictures The mold processing technology includes: cutting die, blanking die, compound die, extrusion die, four slide rail die, progressive die, stamping die, die cutting die, etc.
  Mould varieties:
  1. Metal stamping dies
  2. Plastic molding dies
  3. Die-casting dies
  4. Forging dies
  5. Powder metallurgy dies
  6. Rubber dies
  Mold processing process:
  Opening: front die, rear die, insert, Row material, inclined top material;
  open frame: front mold frame, rear mold frame;
  thick open: front mold cavity open, rear mold cavity open, parting line open;
  copper: front mold copper Male and rear mold copper male, parting line clear angle copper male;
  wire cutting: insert parting line, copper male, inclined top pillow;
  computer gong: fine gong parting line, fine gong rear mold core;
  electric spark : Thick front mold, copper male, male mold line clear angle, rear mold bone position, pillow position;
  drilling, pinhole, thimble;
  row position, row position pressure pole;
  oblique top
  multi-ejector, with thimble;
  others: ①Tsui, die pit, dross nail (limiting nail); ② flying mold; ③ nozzle, brace, spring, water transport;
  Mold saving, polishing, front mold, rear mold bone position;
  fine water structure, draw rod screw hooks, spring
  quenching, nitriding of the appearance of the position;
  mold repair lettering.

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