Guangzhou mold factory tell you what are the mold design steps

Mold design refers to the digital design of enterprise molds. A mold is an industrial product that uses a specific structure to shape a material in a certain way. So what are the mold design steps, Guangzhou mold factory tell you below. 

First, perform product feasibility analysis. To perform independent analysis of product drawings, it is necessary to ensure the correctness of product drawings before mold design. In this way, it is important to be familiar with product parts in mold design. 

Second, choose the appropriate mold structure and arrange the products to ensure that each process can be developed according to the product drawing. This step is the most important. If you do a good job, you can save a lot of time in drawing the mold diagram. 

Third, to prepare materials according to the drawings, you must first confirm the template size in the drawings and directly prepare the materials according to the product development drawing. In this way, drawing the template drawing has great benefits. If you manually calculate the product drawing to prepare the material, This work is too inefficient. 

Fourth, you can fully enter the drawing of the mold after the preparation is completed, and make another copy in the preparation drawing to draw the components, such as adding screw holes, guide post holes, positioning holes and other holes, and punching The various holes in the hole mold need wire cutting through holes. In the mold, the forming gap between the upper and lower molds must not be forgotten. Therefore, after these tasks are completed, the mold diagram of a product is almost 80% completed. Please pay attention to the process of drawing: each process refers to the production, such as fitter scribing, wire cutting and so on. The different processing processes have a complete production layer, which has great benefits for wire cutting and drawing management, such as color distinction. Wait, dimensioning is also a very important task, and it is also the most troublesome task, because it is too time-consuming.

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