Seaco Mould specializes in manufacturing various types of automobile bumper molds, front bumper molds, rear bumper molds, automobile front protection molds, automobile rear protection molds, etc. with rich accumulation Bumper mold design, processing, manufacturing and sending samples, specializing in automotive bumper mold design, automotive bumper mold steel selection, injection molding design, matching selection of automotive molds, providing OEM and ODM customer customized services.
Our automotive bumper mold processing cycle is 60 days. The cavity is made of long and high-quality 2738/718 / P20 high-quality mold steel, and the core is made of domestic Shanghai / 718 / P20. Cost optimization.
The molding cycle of the bumper mold is generally 90-240 seconds. Blessing our excellent mold cooling design scheme can effectively save the molding cycle of the bumper mold and reduce costs. 
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