Seaco Mould specializes in manufacturing various types of automobile mirror molds, rearview mirror housings, brackets, steering mechanisms, LED lamp molds. accumulating rich mirror mold mold design and processing. , Manufacturing and sending samples, specializing in the design of automotive mirror molds, selection of automotive mirror mold steel materials, injection molding design, matching selection of automotive molds, providing OEM and ODM customer customized services.Automotive mirror requires matching lenses and steering to assist in the assembly of electronic accessories. It requires precise processing of the mirror molds, appropriate depth of the hooks, tight fitting and repeated disassembly, which is convenient for the car's later maintenance services.
Our automotive mirror mold processing cycle is 60 days. The cavity is made of long and high-quality 2738H high-quality mold steel. The core is made of domestic Shanghai 718H, which not only guarantees the quality of the mold, but also optimizes the cost of the mold to a certain extent.
  • Plastic Car Rear View Mirror Mould

    Plastic Car Rear View Mirror Mould

    A manufacturer with high-precision processing equipment can make rearview car mirror mold. Seeing is believing, it is best to check the qualifications of the manufacturer beforehand. The processing equ
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  • Plastic car Rearview mirror ring mould

    Plastic car Rearview mirror ring mould

    China Manufacturer of Plastic rearview mirror Mould, Custom Plastic Quality injection rearview mirror ring mould manufacturer and supplier, offered by Seaco Mould, high quality mirror ring mould
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  • Rearview Mirror housing mould

    Rearview Mirror housing mould

    We are experts in custom plastic injection rearview mirror molding. We design auto car rearview housing mould, ring mould ,rack mould. Contact us for more info about Plastic auto mirror Mould.
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