Automotive car tail light and lamp mould manufacuturer

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Rear Lamp Mould - Automotive car tail light and lamp mould manufacuturer

Automotive tail light product features and development trends

There are brake lights, turn signals, driving lights, etc. in the taillight assembly of the car. The light source of the taillights has gradually developed from the bulb to the LED light source. The next development direction will be the OLED light source and the laser light source.

Car tail light mould

The tail light LENS mold is developing in three colors and four colors. The tail light ring is developed from a single color mold to a two-color mold. As the tail light parts are merged, the tail light HOUSING mold has both a light distribution pattern and a grain pattern. The appearance area. The difficulty of mold development has increased.

Tail light product material

ABS or PC+ABS. Generally, aluminum plating is required. Most of the products of the taillight housing are relatively complicated in structure. There are generally multiple reflective bowls on the front side, which need to be plated with aluminum, which requires high requirements. There are mounting points and sealing ribs on the reverse side, and there are many features, resulting in taillight housing molds. There are many inserts, most of which can not be realized by normal demoulding, and the mechanical mechanism such as slider, inner pumping and inclined top is widely used. The lamp socket of the tail lamp shell is made into an insert as much as possible, and the bulb mouth is bumped. The shape of the left and right parts is generally translated, and the inserts are processed, adjusted and changed. The taillight shell mold ejection is mainly based on the dome, and the tube top, the flat top and the top of the block are also frequently used. There are many mold inserts in the taillight housing, so it is necessary to consider cooling and pattern inserts when designing the insert. Larger inserts generally require water, and some inserts need to be cooled with beryllium copper if necessary.
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