Can paint buckets be used for food

  Then the paint packaging bucket refers to the container for paint, which is generally made of tinplate, and has a layer of anti-rust packaging coating on the surface. Such barrels generally have pressure bearing requirements and rust prevention requirements for the container. Because paint is a type of paint, logically paint buckets are also a type of paint buckets. In general, plastic paint buckets and metal paint buckets can be mixed when containing some less corrosive paints.

Paint bucket
  As a kind of lubricating oil barrel, it is a product used to hold oil, so it will have better reliability. The container is generally required to withstand pressure. And anti-rust requirements. Can paint buckets be used to store food?
  What about paint buckets for food? The answer is as follows: Paint buckets cannot be used to store food. As for the containers that hold and package food, in fact. There are strict rules in the country. Such paint buckets that are used to hold paint cannot be used to hold or soak food. Of course, some paints and latex paints are non-toxic and harmless, but paint buckets and latex paint buckets can remain. Toxic substances such as chemical paints, in some cases, foods that contain food may undergo chemical reactions such as polymerization, and they will also affect the skin, posing considerable danger to the safety of consumers. It is advisable not to use paint buckets, latex buckets, paint buckets, etc. to hold drinking water, food, or soak vegetables, how easy it is.

Six tips for removing paint from plastic buckets

Paint is a necessary intermediate paint for home decoration. After the paint is used up, there will be plastic paint buckets left. In order to protect the environment and make full use of plastic buckets, many people choose to use plastic paint buckets for water and flowering after cleaning . It is inevitable that the paint will stick up when decorating the home, so how to remove the paint from the plastic bucket?
paint bucket
1. Generally, gasoline is used. Directly dip a cotton yarn into an appropriate amount of gasoline, and directly apply it to the area to be wiped for 5-10 seconds.
2. Wipe the paint with cotton swab dipped in nail polish washing water and it can be removed soon.
3. Take a small amount of wind oil essence and apply it to the paint stain, rub it a few times until the paint comes off. Then you can wash it with water. It is better to use wind oil essence than gasoline. After all, the taste is not so great.
4. Spray alcohol on the paint and wipe it off with a rag.
5. You can also use paint remover to wipe the paint, which can be removed easily by wiping.
6. The old stains that have solidified can be soaked with a mixture of ether and turpentine (1: 1). After the stains become soft for about 10 minutes, they can be washed with gasoline or benzene, and rinsed with water.
   Tips: The above is the method for painting the plastic paint bucket that Xiaobian arranges for you. In this fast-paced society, environmental issues are still very important. I hope everyone will make good use of waste and make full use of the potential value of items. Hope it can help everyone.

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