How many mould company in China Taizhou

Just arrived in Taizhou and found that this is indeed the home of mold.
Large and small mold factories, parts factories, plastic factories, toy craft gift factories ...
It is really a dense street, even the aunt next door is doing handicrafts.
The people here are busy, and even the girls' clothes are not too bright.
It should be said that there is a touch of gray and blue everywhere. People ’s spiritual life is very small (probably the reason for my stay), such as entertainment and leisure ...
and some advertising companies are often hidden, not easy to find, ...
run a circle, turn around, feel that's it.
I didn't find the right one when I was looking for a job ... I went to a mold factory to do website advertising and photography + sales + ... I was
a little busy, a little tired, but very fulfilling.
However, I found that my knowledge of molds is lacking, and the principles of machinery, production, and data are huge
. I do n’t know how to do business. How do I do business?
I hope to learn and communicate with you in these great gods, please give us a lot of advice.
If you encounter problems such as website promotion of art decoration, you can also come to me and we will exchange and learn together.
mould company in China Taizhou

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